Mining & Derrick Screens Refurbishment

Mining & Derrick Screens Refurbishment

RPM has carried out various screen refurbishment projects, in particular Derrick Screens. This includes the full stripping and inspection of the screens, prior to RPM fully refurbishing the screening equipment. During our time we have helped clients solve the OEM issues, such as long lead times and high replacements costs. We have invested much time in resolving this by refur- bishing Derrick Screens which involves improving the materials grade for the screening equipment structur- ally, decking and frame sections, stringers, deck lagging, and the poly-urea surface coatings.

During the process of materials selections, we ensured the full involvement of the technical department and labs of our suppliers to test an existing Derrick Screen for the materials grade used. Once identified, from this the RPM mind set approach was to “meet and exceed” the materials from the original OEM supply. The chosen materials within the refurbished screens perform better and longer within differing corrosive environments and client site requirements.

We can cover the full fabrication and machining of all the components such as, stringer support plates, stringer divider plates, stringers and draw bars etc.

We will help you improve your existing screening equipment by implementing the necessary upgrades to ensure that your equipment is operating at its best. When sending your screening equipment to RPM, we ensure at each stage that lead times are maintained to the shortest possible period.

Benefits of POLYUREA Coating Materials

  • 100% solids with zero VOC
  • Fast reactivity and cure time resulting in almost immediate return-to-service time
  • Resistant to many solvents, acids and alkalis (consult NCSI)
  • Excellent elongation properties
  • Seamless, resilient, flexible and tough
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Perform in constant temperatures from -30oC to +120oC
  • Retains physical properties at -30oC to +120oC
  • Impact, tear and abrasion resistant
  • Low permeability waterproofing membrane

Screen decks are sprayed with polyurea to protect the steel from abrasion. The tough but flexible coating with- stands impacts, flexing and chemical attack. Polyurea is an ideal liner and surface coating for the corrosive and abrasive conditions that the screens operate within.

1. Screen before arriving at RPM.

2. The screens are fully inspected.

3. All structural supports and frame are refurbished.

4. The full stringer and stringer support plates are replaced.

5. Side view showing stringer capping.

6. The screen coatings are stripped as required and fully re-coated.

7. After the surface polyurea coating is applied, then the deck lagging is fitted.

8. Fully refurbished screen.