Hard Facing & Wear Solutions

Hard Facing & Wear Solutions

RPM offers hard facing and wear plating linings solutions for various applications from crushing and screening equipment, feed chutes, hoppers, surge bins, tanks and pipework.

RPM also carries out the full service of bending and roll forming of differing materials, grades and thicknesses.

We offer wear solutions such as:

  • Hardox and Bisalloy
  • Duaplate, Duabar, Duablock
  • Hard-facing and anti-abrasion repairs
  • Ultra-thin hard-faced wear plates
  • Rubber, wear pads and lagging
  • Rubber lining
  • Polyurethane and polyethylene
  • Engineered and industrial plastics
  • Woven wire mesh and screening to client needs
  • Polyurethane screens
  • Woven double layer fabric screens
  • Trommel mesh / screens

RPM - A Total Service Provider

RPM works closely with suppliers and has the full techni- cal back up for problem solving and getting the best solution, this also includes metallurgical testing as required to identify materials for clients and this then allows for the meeting and exceeding of materials to give the best outcome.

RPM is all about turn-key solutions utilising modern engineered materials.


  • Materials can be built-up and reclamation of worn base metals as an alternative to replacing with new items.
  • Hard facing of reclaimed and new components extends service with increased productivity.
  • Wear plates can vastly improve abrasion resistance in a wide scope of wear mechanisms across vastly different applications or environments.

Hard Facing Solutions

  • Work hardening for hammers, jaw crushers, shredders for recycling in steel, glass and demolition.
  • Martensitic hardfacing for soft ground engaging, low impact and metal to metal wear, rollers/shafts, tillage and agricultural tools and auger screws.
  • Rebuilding of undercarriage for track equipment, transition shafts, bearing seats and seal faces that require specific hardnesses yet machinability.
  • Anti-abrasion in dry/wet, low/high temperatures, fine/course materials, medium/high impact, cr carbides, complex carbides, tungsten carbides, vanadium carbides for coal mills, mineral sizers, mixer blades/ paddles, dredging equipment, crushers, steelmaking, cement production and recycling.
  • Stainless, nickle, cobalt alloys for protection against corrosion and friction/abrasion at low/ high temperatures. Steel making rolls, tooling for foundry and glass making, valves and sheering tools.