Conveyor Pulley Manufacturing & Refurbishment

Conveyor Pulley Manufacturing & Refurbishment

RPM manufactured pulleys are made to the highest standards and this ensures the equipment has a long and reliable service life, as all equipment is made from quality grades of materials. RPM’s in-house capabili- ties ensure that with pulley refurbishment, each is fully analysed to ensure we provide the client with a detailed report on the status of the pulley.

RPM ensures through all works, that a short lead-time is maintained to minimise customer downtime. We utilise the latest technology in bearings, housings, seals and locking assemblies. We can ensure that the pulleys we refurbish can be restored to their original state or improved.
RPM works closely with clients and operational sites and, through this process, has proven its capability to manufacture and fully refurbish conveyor pulleys and help with any required improvements for the equip- ment and parts supply.

RPM is an OEM listed supplier of SEW Eurodrive Equipment & Supplier of Bearings & Industrial Equipment & Services.

RPM has formed long term relationships with its suppliers and has their full technical backup and support. This ensures that RPM’s clients are cared for in the best possible way.

RPM has worked closely with clients over the years in resolving original OEM supplied equipment issues, due to the lack of supplied drawing details. This allows us to manufacture parts or equipment locally and with short lead times. This removes the potential of waiting weeks to months for the supply from international OEM companies. Our in-house capabilities ensure for the safe and efficient dismantling of pulleys for refurbishment or manufacture.

The benefits of pulley refurbishment include:

  • It is cost effective
  • Agreed delivery time and short lead time turn around
  • Working closely to customer’s needs
  • Access to technical support
  • As-new reliable product

RPM’s in-house manufacture and refurbishing capabilities:

  • Shaft machining manual or CNC
  • Shell reclamation and machining
  • Horizontal boring
  • Inspection and failure analysis and reporting
  • Re-lagging
  • Supply and fitting of drive couplings, bearings and surface coatings to the required standards
  • Enviropeel surface protection

Pully Maufacture & Refurbishment Services Offered

  • Detailed comprehensive pulley stripping report.
  • Short and timely turnaround lead-times.
  • Single point of contact at RPM.
  • Special one-off requirements.
  • Lagging options – rubber, plain ceramic, poly lagging and direct ceramic bonding.
  • Non-destructive testing for shells and shafts.
  • All new shaft materials are mill test certified.
  • Modification and upgrades of pulleys, bearings and drive equipment.
  • Enviropeel protective paint spray, for bearing housings upon request.
  • Modifications to existing pulleys.
  • RPM stackable storage and transport cradles upon request.
  • RPM has varying sized load/lift rated steel transport frames, allowing for the con- veyor pulleys to arrive on site with the bearings fitted and, if required by clients, with the drive units fitted and this enables the equipment to arrive on site ready to be installed.
  • Specialised corrosion plastic storage wrapping in two-layer wrap and with desiccant bags fitted internally to ensure safe transport and longer term storage on sites.