Wear solutions, screening and rubber lining

Wear solutions, screening and rubber lining

RPM offers linings for various applications from pipework, chutes, hoppers, bins, tanks, pulleys, rollers, hammer mills and rotary crushers.

We offer wear solutions such as:

  • Hardox and bisalloy
  • Duaplate, duabar, duablock
  • Hard-facing and anti-abrasion repairs
  • Ultra-thin hard-faced wear plates
  • Rubber / wear pads and lagging
  • Rubber lining
  • Polyurethane and polyethylene
  • Engineered and industrial plastics
  • Woven wire mesh and screening to client needs
  • Polyurethane screens
  • Woven double layer fabric screens
  • Trommel mesh / screens

RPM works closely with suppliers and has the full back up for problem solving including metallurgical testing to indentify current materials for clients if required to meet and exceed the client requirements.

RPM works closely with clients to resolve materials flow and build-ups and RPM utilises U.H.M.W.P.E (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) on various sites and applications in varying grades.

RPM is all about turn-key solutions utilising modern engineered materials.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

“RPM- A Total Service Provider!”


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